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Blue-Thru Products Blog

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Welcome to Blue-Thru Products


Blue-Thru™ Marine Engine Flush Systems

A Patented Marine Engine Flush , corrosion protection, boat cleaner and salt removal system designed  for all types of internal cooling systems including, gas, diesel, outboards, inboards, stern drives, generators, including personal watercraft and marine air conditioner system. Just connect a garden hose to our mixing chamber for any type engine.


What system is right for you?

OutBoard Kit | Inboard Kit | Stern Drive Kit


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If you own the  Volvo Penta Engine Flushing Kit - Read This

Demostrations and Instructions

Total Salt Removal System

Blue-Thru is a safe and fast salt removal system that improves marine engine cooling performance by removing built up salt residue reducing corrosion in cooling chambers and heat risers. Blue-Thru unlike many of our competitors has been lab and field tested without harm to internal engine seals or gaskets, in fact blue-thru is designed to lubricate and protect your engine seals, water pump and gaskets.

This product is a total clean no scrub salt removal system for your boat, motor, tackle, fishing rods, fishing reels, trailer, dive equipment, beach furniture and sea side home windows. 

Boat Wash

Used as a boat wash with our wash wand to clean and protect Boat, Motor, Tackle, Truck, Trailer, and Car against Salt Corrosion. Take Salt Away and deposit build up associated with Marine Air Conditioner coils.



Non - Hazardous  

Salt Removal

Helps prevent corrosion by removing salt deposits, leaving a protective wax and corrosion inhibitor on surfaces.

• Aids in Lubricating gaskets and rubber seals.
• Conserves fresh water and time, (complete flush takes less then five minutes).
• Tablet form saves space, and eliminates mixing.

More information reguarding Salt removal is located on the Home Care Page.


Patent US-6,896,567  

Environmentally Safe

Eco Friendly

Each Blue-Thru ingredient was carefully chosen to complement the other, by carefully matching up the components in Blue Thru. We were able to accomplish major performance objectives using a blend of ingredients resulting in a multipurpose biodegradable Non-Toxic Tablet that is safe and easy to use and store. Please refer to the material safety data sheet for more information on the concentrated blue-thru salt removal ingredients. 

Why a tablet you may ask?

  1. A tablet bottle will store inside of your Personal Watercraft under seat compartment
  2. Tablets take up less space than even a one quart container of other liquid type products.
  3. If you spill your tablets you simply pick them up without loss or cleanup.
  4. Tablets will not freeze when stored in a cold climate.
  5. Due to tablets slower release you can drop them directly into your inboards raw water sea strainer for flushing!    
  6. Non-Liquid tablets are perfect for travel.

Please always refer to your manufacturers recomendations for flushing click on your engine type below for manufacturer recomendations.


Honda Motor salt removal flush productVolvo Stren Drive salt removerSuzuki Outboard Engine corrision protectionMercury Inboard Exaust riser and cooler Salt Flush removalRemove salt and protect Mercury Outboards against corrosion

Click here to see the Blue Thru System usage!

corrision controlBlue Thru Ingredients Feature

Detergent Builder: Provides mild alkalinity (pH) promoting detergent. Builders help surfactants wet-out and lift soil deposits.

Sequestrate: Salt deposits are sequestered to improve removal during the flush cycle, improving rinse efficiently. Sequestrates help remove salts and other corrosive radicals by capturing harmful materials using an electrostatic process. Sequestrate comes from the verb ësequesterí which means to remove, separate or withdraw.

Lubricant: Lubricants are added to prevent over drying of critical internal engine components during long storage periods.

Surfactant: Surfactants are used to reduce the surface tension (forces) in-between water molecules. Lower surface tension allows water to penetrate oily deposits and helps lift soil from surfaces.

Corrosion Inhibitor: Corrosion inhibitors are included to prevent oxidation of metal surfaces during long storage periods.

Dye: Dye is used as an indicator to ensure adequate flush made from a light sensitive food grade dye which decays after exposure to ordinary sunlight.



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Blue-Thru Marine Flush and Corrosion Control Tablets