Blue Thru's History

Blue Thru originated out of beautiful Southwest Sarasota Florida. Over the past 12 years we have worked hard at providing our customers the best Salt water Removal System money can buy. Blue Thru strongly believes in supporting the growth of the ecosystem. We proudly stand behind our statement of our product being Eco-Friendly, Non-Hazardous, Inhibiting Corrosion, Removing Salt and Mineral Deposits and Protecting your Investment. Within the past 12 years Blue Thru has worked hard at improvising our product line to bring the best Salt Removal System the Marine industry has seen. With a new President and product engineers on board we have experience in every aspect of the Marine industry. With over 50 years in the boat business ranging from DesigningBuilding boats, Racing boats and Fishing tournaments. Here at Blue Thru we are proud to present to you the best Salt Removal Kits and products the marine industry has to offer!