How it Works

Detergent Builder:
Provides mild alkalinity (pH) promoting Detergency, Detergent builders help surfactants wet-out and lift soil deposits.
Salt deposits are sequestered to improve removal during the flush cycle, improving rinse efficiently. Sequestrates help remove salts and other corrosive radicals by capturing harmful materials using an electrostatic process.
Lubricants are added to prevent over drying of critical internal engine components during long storage periods.
Surfactants are used to reduce the surface tension (forces) in between water molecules. Lower surface tension allows water to penetrate oily surfaces and helps lift soil from surfaces.
Corrosion Inhibitor:
Corrosion inhibitors are included to prevent oxidation of metal surfaces during long storage periods.
Timing Agent:
Blu-Thru has a timing agent which lets you know when the engine has completed its flushing process. When Blu-Thru has run through, the process of flushing is complete.